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Profile Racing

Profile Racing SS Cranks

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SS Cranks
  • Profile Racing SS Cranks 7/8" Chrome with 7/8" American BB
  • Profile Racing SS Cranks in Black


Profile SS 3-PIECE CRANKSET-no longer in production

Available in two versions:

1. SS crank arms with original 7/8 chromo axle.
This kit can only be used in a proprietary SS american bottom bracket (included).
Kit includes SS crank arms, SS chromo 7/8 axle, SS bolt/washer, SS American BB Kit, and crank tool.

2. SS crank arms with new 22mm chromo GDH axle kit.
This kit will fit any 22mm bottom bracket (Mid, Spanish, American, and Outboard).
Kit includes SS crank arms and a 22mm GDH chromo spindle with 8mm Aluminum GDH bolts.
Bottom Bracket not included with this kit. Order BB

***Considering the SS arms are from a late 90’s stock, crank arms may have slight blemishes from age/elements.

170mm arms(pair)- 820g/28.70 oz
Chromo SS Axle & Bolts- 439g/15.36 oz
Titanium SS Axle & Bolts- 275g/9.62 oz

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