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Pegs BMX

Pegs BMX

Peg Axle extenders are for Grinding, Freestyle and Flatland. We have lots and lots of BMX pegs from brands like Odyssey, Stranger, Cult, Gsport and Animal. If you don't see the one you need, please email us so we can add it to the site for you and everyone else. We also carry old school thread-on type pegs for riding your little brother or sister around. We should have some Blackops, Retro Haro Pegs and Diamondback thread on pegs available. Want to learn more about bmx pegs?


    Fit Sleeper Pegs

    Fit Bikes

    Fit Sleeper pegs Order Fit Sleeper Pegs, Order 2 for a pair.SLEEPER PEG - ETHAN CORRIERE MODEL Strong, lightweight cro-mo, paired with our durable, proprietary, sleeve material, made for one fast-grinding, long-lasting, smaller-diameter stunt stick!...
  • Rant Slimmer Peg

    Rant Slimmer Peg


    Rant Slimmer Peg Rant Slimmer Peg Each   Peg Specifications Cold Forged Steel 14mm Axle With Adapter For 10mm Length: 110mm Diameter: 33mm Slick ED Coating low cost good for grinding curbs and rails
  • Blackops BMX Pegs Pair

    Blackops BMX Pegs Pair


    Blackops Brink Pegs for Grinding or Riding Blackops Brink Pegs Steel Pair for under $20.00 usd 4130 chromoly axle pegs with 3 position anti-rotation set screw Designed for use with 14mm or 3/8" axles (with adapter) 4130 chromoly offers a durable long...
  • Eastern OEM Ribbed Pegs

    Eastern OEM Ribbed Pegs

    Eastern BMX

    Eastern OEM Ribbed Pegs Eastern OEM Ribbed Pegs A great beginner level steel peg that we use on our complete bike line. 5.7 oz each Minimum Order is 2 pegs.•  Strong and light steel pegs •  Available in 14mm with adapters for...
  • Merritt GFE Begin Sleeve Grey-1 Merritt GFE Begin Sleeve Grey-1

    Merritt GFE Begin Sleeve Grey-1


    The GFE peg Sleeve uses a special PA blend plastic that will out slide and out last other plastic pegs. we have also molded a steel washer into the peg sleeve to keep your peg and wheel in place.
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  • Kink 2XOG Street Peg Kink 2XOG Street Peg

    Kink 2XOG Street Peg


    Kink 2XOG Peg Kink BMX got it’s start making axles and pegs in the 1990’s, so you could say we’ve learned a thing or two about making pegs over the years. The Kink 2XOG (aka Double OG) pegs are all about simplicity and durability...
  • Animal Team Peg

    Animal Team Peg

    Animal BMX

    Order Animal Team Peg BMX Grinding Animal Team Peg. Priced for 1 Peg. Nothing beats the raw sound and feel of steel. The new Animal Team Peg is a fresh addition to the legacy of Animal pegs. The Team Pegs measure in at 4.5" inches long for full contact...
  • Odyssey JPEG 4.5" Steel

    Odyssey JPEG 4.5" Steel Peg

    Odyssey BMX

    Order Odyssey JPEG Longer 4.5" Steel Peg The Odyssey JPEG Steel peg is back! Now at a 4.5" length, it features three rotation positions and are reinforced internally for longer life. Sold individually. Heat Treated 4140114.3mm / 4.5" Length 39mm / 1.5"...
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