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Redline Crank Sprocket Spider Kit

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  • Redline Crank Sprocket Kit
  • MCS 5-bolt Chainring for BMX Racing Sprocket Gear


Redline Crank Sprocket Kit

Redline Crank Sprocket Kit Details

MCS BMX Chainring Silver, Silver Profile Retro Spider and Chrome BMX Chainring Bolts. This will work with 19mm Axle cranks like Redline Flight and Profile Racing for a couple examples.

MCS 5-bolt Chainring Specifications

MCS 5-bolt Chinring USA Made, BMX standard 110-bolt pattern chainrings are 5-millimeters thick. They’re compatible with 3/32” and 1/8” chains. This is a classic design and is often used on retro old school bike builds or new school moden bmx bikes. You will need a 5 bolt 110bcd spider to use this gear and some alloy chaniring bolts would be nice.
Size 34-48
Note: 34-37T and 45-48T come in black or silver only. The other sizes are available all colors.

*Redline Flight cranks are one of the best choices for Retro BMX bike builds for both racing and freestyle (trick) bikes. You can also look at American Made Profile Racing cranks.

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