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MCS BMX Race Chain BMX 3/32"

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MCS BMX Race Chain for BMX Racing

The MCS BMX Chain is super light and not too pricey. 3/32" only. Fit 3/32 chainrings only. You need a chain breaker tool to cut this to the size you need. Most all chains are different lengths.

  • 1/2" x 3/32" x 116 Links
  • Solid pins for weight savings
  • Pin Power Min 180 kg
  • Tensile Strength AVE 1050 kg
  • Packaged in a convenient & reusable metal tin container
  • Color: Available in Nickel Plated Silver only

The MCS Brand as been around for a long time and they make quality bike chains. Recommended by ACEBMX.
Chains are sold in a standard length that is usually too long.
You therefore have to cut the chain to correct length for your bike gearing with a chain breaking tool. You will want the length to have your wheel about center in the drop out and so that your brake pads can contact the rim braking surface. Make sure the pin pushes back in smoothly and exactly centered like the other pins or use the master link when reconnecting. These chain and most all BMX Racing chains are 3/32" in width. You can run an 1/8" chain on 32/32 chainrings, but 3/32" would be better.
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