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Kink Brace Cranks

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  • Kink Brace Cranks Black
  • Kink Brace Cranks Chrome
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Kink Brace Cranks BMX

Kink brace cranks are a traditional 3 piece design that are highly reliable with convenient modern features. Left and right side sprocket bosses make these cranks compatible with left and
right side drive, and the 22mm hollow spindle is super strong and fits all modern sprockets. The custom spindle bolts feature both 3/8” ratchet and 6mm allen key broaches, so installation is super easy with whatever tools you have around. Oval tapered tubing gives the cranks a sleek look and a stiff feel, and the large radiuses on the spindle bosses make these cranks more ankle
friendly. Fully wrapped spindle and pedal bosses paired with precision welds, make the Kink Brace cranks a pair that will last.

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