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Kestrel Bikes Available for Mail Order

CALL for closeout prices on 2012 and 2011 Kestrel bikes. 2013 and 2014 Kestrels now available. Ask about cash rebates.

Kestrel bikes are now available for mail order to your door. These are the models we currenty have: Kestrel Talon Road, Talon SL, Talon, Kestrel Airfoil, Kestrel RT-1000, Kestrel 4000 Pro SL, Kestrel Evoke, Kestrel Airfoil Pro, Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL, Kestrel Talon Tri, Kestrel Talon Triathlon, Kestrel Talon Tri, Kestrel frames and more. Buy a Kestrel here and save some cash. Find a lower price and we can match it if the conditions are met.

Rebate Example:
Ask about our unadvertised Kestrel Bike Rebates.
Kestrel Talon SL complete bike for only $1149 with cash rebate, normally $2500.00 Call before they are gone!!!

Search Kestrel Bikes

Zipp Speed Weaponry on Sale

CALL for reduced prices all Zipp Speed Weaponry wheels and parts. 1-607-797-2700

Zipp Speed Weaponry wheels and parts are available for mail order to your door. These are the models we currenty have: Zipp 404 Clincher, Zipp 404 tubular, Zipp 404 Shimano, Zipp 404 Campy, Zipp 505, Zipp 101, Zipp 202, Zipp 303, Zipp 808, Zipp 1080, Zipp 900, Zipp Sub 9, Zipp hubs, Zipp rims, Zipp Zedtech, Zipp stem sl145, Zipp stem sl speed, Zipp seatpost service course, Zipp Vumachrono or Vumaquad cranks, Zipp Vuka aero handlebars. Buy a Zipp bike part here and save some cash. Find a lower price and we can match it if the conditions are met.

Zipp 404 Shimano Clincher wheel set for only $1999.99, normally $2500.00 and higher. Call before they are gone!!!

Search Zipp's Website

BMX Old School Parts still available

The following parts are still available for sale: Redline Proline 44T gears, Suntour BMX pedals, Skyway BMX pedals, Profile Whip it, MKS pedals, one custom built chrome Free Agent bike with Skyway mags and GT 1" shafted stem. We also have Primi 1" shafted stems in gold. The Skyway 24" Tuff wheels in Graphite are now in. Tioga Bear Trap headsets in 1" shafted also available. Special deal on chrome chomoly 1" threaded 20" forks. Schwinn Sting frame in stock and includes fork and headset in red. Blue and Red snake belly tires (skinwall). SEW Racing Loop Tail frames. All the new SE Racing parts on sale including clothing and frames. More and More call.


New Items

Subrosa Altus 20" Complete BMX Bike - 2015
Redline MX Expert - 2015
DK Bicycles Sprinter Complete Bike SALE (All Sizes) - 2015
Shadow Conspiracy Killer Crankset
Redline Random Complete BMX Bike 2014 - 2014
Redline Romp Complete BMX Bike 2014 - 2014
Redline Flight Pro XXL - 2015
DMR Vault Platform Pedals
CULT Chase Hawk Signature Complete Bike - 2015
Redline Flight Aluminum Race Frame 2015
WeThePeople C.R.E.A.M V2 Frame
DK Bicycles Conductor 1pc. Seat and Post Combo
Promax PI-1 Headset
Sinz Elite Carbon BMX Race Fork
Speedline Integrated Headset
Excess Freewheel Removal Tool
Eclat Slash Alloy Platform Pedals
Promax IG-45 Integrated Headset
Free Agent Maverick Rotor - 2015
Redline Redline BMX Flight Pro XXL Bicycle 20 Grey - COPY - COPY - 2015
Superstar Marton Frame
Redline Redline BMX Flight Expert XL Bicycle 20 Grey - 2015
Redline Covet Complete Bike - 2015
Weston Cycles 48 Spline Chromoly Bossless Crankset
Anarchy Riot Race Frame
Supercross SLT Chromoly 20mm Fork, Hub and Axle Kit
Cliq Addict 20mm Fork
Subrosa Altus 16" Complete BMX Bike - 2015
Animal M5 Sprocket
Colony Sweet Tooth V4 Frame
Subrosa Salvador 18" Complete BMX Bike - 2015
Primo Fat Pivotal Seat
Elevn 7.0 Pro Lite 20mm Chromoly 24" Cruiser Fork
WeThePeople Crysis Complete Bike - 2015
Premium Inception Complete BMX Bike - 2015
DK Bicycles Professional V2 Race Pro Cruiser Frame
DK Bicycles Raven Complete Bike - 2015
Haro Blackout PTC Frame
Speedline 1-1/8"- 1-1/2" Tapered Integrated Headset
Tangent 45x45 Integrated Headset