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10/2023 Post

Looking for Consultant with experience in growing sales. Commissions available.

Looking for apprentice to learn and run all operations. This apprentice or consultant could later be the future owner/CEO of


Name: Operations Manager

Requirements: Ecommerce experience, bicycle product knowledge, website product editing, shipping, receiving, computer skills, High School Graduate, dependable, transportation. SEO Experience a plus.


Name: Editor

Website editing work is available. You will be given access to supplier websites and updating product descriptions and images. You would start by updating one supplier. This is a temporary position.


High Speed Internet
Modern Computer
Basic Computer Skills
Positive Attitude
Good at Spelling
Have time to work from 5hrs to 15hrs per week


Work from home or office
Earn a excellent reference
Learn about bicycles and internet business
Get Paid

Applicants Send via email the Following:

Home Telephone
Cell Number
Work Experience


Use your email program and type Job at in subject or use this email form.


Thank you! & Since 1981