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BMX Pedals

We have all kinds of BMX Pedals including sealed, unsealed, alloy and plastic. Get your favorite brand of pedals like Odyssey, Snafu, Kink, Cult, Jet Fuel, Answer, Primo, Time Racing, Shimano and more. We have platform pedals, caged and clipless pedals for sale and we can ship them to your house or business. You can also source your Mountain and Road Bike pedals right here. Need advice on which pedals to get no problem just email or call and we will help you choose. We have been selling pedals for 30 years and know which one's people like the best. Also note we still have Retro Old School BMX pedals for your Old School Bike build needs. 9/16″ is the size pedals you need for 3pc cranks. The non-drive side pedal always tightens in a counterclockwise direction. In other words, both pedals tighten toward the front wheel. This pedal design ensures that the left pedal does not loose while pedaling. & Since 1981