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Supercross AMX250 Frame

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  • Supercross AMX250 20"
  • Supercross AMX250 26"
  • Supercross AMX250 29"


Supercross AMX250 20" Pro XXL, 26 and 29

This Supercross AMX250 20" Pro XXL Frame and includes the AMX 250 35 Year Anniversary BMX Race Frame - The Six Bar in the 20" Pro XXL size, 26 and 29 and several colors.

We also have on sale all the other sizes of this AMX250 bundle kit with work and headset.

Supercross History of BMX

Back in 1989 when we started Supercross BMX, the original frame was our 6 bar design. We used this design for over a decade on our Cro-mo and Aluminum BMX race Frames. 

When we designed the SX250, we were limited on tube sizes that the Steel Mills were running. We had to solve the problem of frame flex and stiffness, so the extra triangulation was our solution. By lowering the first set of seat stays and adding the second set of stays, we had a frame that was stiffer, faster accelerating, and better handling than the others.

We eventually turned the SX250 into the AMX250, the Aluminum Motocross!! And for our 35 year anniversary, we are bringing them back in Limited Editions and Limited Sizes for the BMXers in all of us that love the historic BMX racing. 


All frames will have the 35 Years Behind Bars Retro decals.

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