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ACE Bike News

January 2016 created more Free Stickers to give away with all orders.

November 2011 Expending again with GHP Complete bikes for sale

September: ACE Sponcored BMX Track 8018 Boydton Plank Road
Petersburg, VA 23803 (804-732-7888 phone)

September: American Cycle Express Sponcors with

September: American Cycle Express reccomends as good new way to buy and sell auction style

November 5th: recognizes that is a good place to check the weather conditions for bicycle commutes.

13850 (Vestal Weather Forecast, NY)

November 5th: does not produce and mail printed magazines. This is part of our effort to reduce unnecessary cutting of trees.  
October 9th:
Automotive industry should begin to design vehicles that are less in width. This creates more space for bikers without spending tax-payers money to widen the roads.  
October 9th: Dollars and Sense. Riding your bike to work one day a week is a 20% reduction in your fuel bill (providing a 6 day period). Not to mention the fat you will lose.
September 23rd: Check out the Interbike bike show in Las Vegas
July 22nd: Cars should be allowed to travel slightly faster when approaching a hill to add momentum and less gas usage.
July 17th: gas saving and healthy idea to public. If you live far away from work you can drive your car to a place, park it, then ride your bike the rest of the way.
July 17th: All businesses should provide a place for bicycle to be parked and locked up. sells them at a discount and knows which ones are the best.
June 12th: shares new hiring concept. When hiring new 
employees take into consideration how close he or she lives from work.
If we hire people closer to work you can ride to work, more easily car pool
and cut down on driving. 
May 19th: plans to be come the largest supplier of mopeds and electric bicycles  world wide. We think we can make a significant lowering effect of carbon emissions if we can get more people on fuel efficient transportation.
March 1st: Joe returns for Florida Spring Break and saw the NASA Space Shuttle Launch.
April 1st: The Free Profile crank give away was an April Fools joke. Sorry if you fell for it.
April 29th: ACE Now Carries Verde Bikes. New products up on the website now.
April 29th: New arrivals include New Purple Fit DLR/DLD Stems, United DVDs, Kink Dutchman Frames in Black and Purple, Aztec Brake Pads, Verde Vex Complete Bikes and the long awaited Sunday Ian Schwartz Frame!!!!! We will be putting some new spring web edits up with some locals too! Keep your eyes to the news!! See pictures on our website.
May 1st: declares every day as bike to work day.
May 15th: informs bicyclists that you do not need to wear clothing that makes you look like you are in the Tour de France to ride a bike. Just be sure you don't wear loose clothing that can get caught on front sprockets or spokes. We do encourage reflective stickers on your helmet and your bike and a reflective vest is a cheap safe idea. Of course, black lycra padded tights look nice on the ladies with a say bright pink cycling jersey.
May 15th: It is good to lift your body off the seat from time to time to allow blood flow.
June 4th: Joe returns home safely from Trip to Bahamas to study the islands cycling culture. Check out the new pictures here. Lots of tracking numbers are going out to your emails today, no worries.