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ACE Bike Philosophy

These are things that America is doing or working on to make our World a better place for biking:

Driving Habits.

A tax credit offered to anyone who ownes and daily operates a Hybrid Gas/Electric Vehicle.
A tax credit offered to those riding bicycles to work.
A tax credit offered to high mileage per gallon vehicles such as mopeds and motorcycles.
NYC and other cities could start to use Hybrid Taxies. Hybrids do not use fuel at a stop sign or traffic signal or when parked. I believe the engine does turn on however when the air conditioning or heat is turned on. 
The US Transportation department should have bike pathways set up for bicycle transportation in all cities and towns.
Car Pool Lanes can be more widely used.

How about this? Buildings and homes could have exercise rooms that are equipped with exerciser bikes that generate power when you pedal. Is it possible? What isn't?  

Pay it Forward: Rewards can be offered to companies and industries that are successful in accident prevention such as oil spills or ground water contamination.

Do you know how much fossil fuel we would save and decrease our dependence on rich oil nations if more people road bikes. America is the world leader on fuel efficiency and technology. Please, lets keep the beaches just the way they are!

Please Wait...

Waiting can be defined as the time between an expectation and its fulfillment. We would like to point out that this period of time does not have to be a bad time. It is, in fact, just another time that should be used wisely. We should not let waiting interfere with our pursuit of happiness. Additionally, does lowering our expectations for material things make us happier?  -Joe

Peace in Iraq

Lets all choose peace in Iraq. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I could say much more, but I found that acting only in peaceful ways was the clearest way of thinking for the entire population. In other words, how can we solve a problem without force?

Cigarette Tax

We are in favor of the proposed tax increase to cigarettes? In fact, anything that is bad for you could be heavily taxed. Maybe consider alcohol too. Things that add to the heath of the world should be at the lowest tax level, such as cycling.